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  • Class 1 Medical Device ARTG #156350
  • Australia s #1 ORIGINAL Anti-Snoring device
  • 2 devices including protective case plus fitting spacers 
  • Totally transparent so no one knows you are wearing it
  • Easy to fit with step by step instructions
  • Designed to fit all sizes, If for any reason it s too large, the ends can be easily trimmed off (generally this is not required)
  • Your Ripsnore™ can be remolded up to 5 times. If you need to re-fit the device more than 3 times, use the second Ripsnore provided
  • Easy to clean, just run under fresh water and let the device air dry!
  • Global sales of over 90,000 units
  • Provide local phone support and 24x7 global email support 
  • 45 day money back guarantee
  • Registered design
  • Made from BPA FREE material
  • Great for camping and overnight stays

45 Days Money Back Guarantee

Simply follow the easy Ripsnore fitting instructions and if you don’t see a reduction in your snoring – simply return the device within 45 days and we’ll refund all your money, no questions asked. It’s an unbelievable offer, order now risk-free.*

Get a great deal – and a good night’s sleep!

Get a great deal – and a good night’s sleep!

The Ripsnore Device
Ripsnore was originally developed in Australia by a team of professionals who noticed a need for an affordable, high quality and comfortable mandible splint solution, that provides both snoring relief and treatment for mild/moderate obstructive sleep apnoea. When CPAP fails, mandible advancement splints are usually the next option, along with weight loss and positional sleep, or a combination of all treatments. Without costing a fortune, Ripsnore™ is a “first step” approach to stopping
or reducing snoring, mild/moderate OSA, and teeth grinding (bruxism).

How it works
Ripsnore is designed to hold the lower jaw slightly forward, thus moving the base of the tongue away from the back of the airway and soft palate. This allows the throat a clear passage for easy breathing to silence snoring and to assist with mild/moderate OSA. As Ripnsore fits over the teeth it can be also be used to treat teeth grinding.

If patients have mild or moderate sleep apnoea, they should try Ripsnore as a cost-effective first step. If your patients are diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, then they should seek professional medical advice.

Some reasons your customers may be snoring.

  • Age: Once your customers reach middle age their throat becomes narrower and throat muscle tone decreases.
  • Being obese or overweight: Fatty tissue around the neck or throat plus poor muscle tissue can lead to
  • snoring.
  • Nasal congestion: Mucus which blocks the airways and makes breathing difficult can lead to snoring.
  • Alcohol, medications and smoking: All of these increases muscle relaxation, leading to snoring.
  • Sleep position: Sleeping on your back can cause the flesh in your throat to relax which can also cause snoring.
  • Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA): Breathing during sleep is disrupted and will lead to snoring.

*Refund will be processed within 15-30 days


You will receive full instructions on fitting your device when you order your Ripsnore. The product is prepared for moulding by placing it in hot water to soften the material. This process ensures the very best results for obtaining the perfect individual fitting. Unlike pre-moulded devices which are universal fittings, the Ripsnore device is a perfect mould of your unique teeth and mouth cavity - providing the most superior and comfortable fitting. 

The product can be re-moulded up to x5 times. 


( You will need the following before fitting )

  1. A watch with a second hand for timing
  2. A kettle, jug or pot to boil water
  3. Pair of kitchen tongs or tweezers (something to hold the Ripsnore by the plastic tab)
  4. A bowl with iced or cold water

Practice putting the device and the spacer into your mouth. Make sure all teeth are in the grooves of the device and that the device is the correct way up with the bow at the top of the guard for the top teeth. Move your bottom jaw about halfway forward – this is typically where both your top and bottom teeth are totally aligned. If you extend your jaw too far forward you will be increasing the chance of possible then the device can be re-molded to extend the jaw further.

If necessary, continue increasing the extension in small steps until either the snoring stops or you experience jaw pain. If you experience jaw pain and the snoring has not stopped then this type of device will not work for you. There will always be a small amount of discomfort but this will usually disappear after several days. Please visit the FAQ section on the website for more information on possible side effects.

Using Ripsnore

Before going to sleep, place Ripsnore in your mouth and close your jaw. It will fit comfortably and snugly, allowing you, and others around to sleep more soundly than ever before, if you use to snore. Since Ripsnore is transparent the only person who ll know you re wearing it is you! In the morning, simply place Ripsnore back in it s protective container and allow it to air dry. It can also be washed under fresh water when cleaning is required.

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