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COVID-19 restrictions are slowly easing under the Government's new three-step plan, but following strict health and hygiene measures will be an essential part of your transition back to business. 

From handwashing and hygiene to cleaning, we can offer retail and wholesale options to help you create a safe, healthy and hygienic work environment, limiting the spread of coronavirus.

In line with SafeWork Australia's official guidelines we've curated a guide of hospitality tailored COVID-19 essentials for your return to trade.

 We provide same-day delivery for orders within Sydney Metro if placed before 11 am. Next day delivery and standard delivery options are also available.

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The official recommendations state that hand sanitiser stations should be at entry and exit points, as well as around the workplace for staff and customers to use. Sanitisers should be alcohol-based with at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropyl alcohol as the active ingredient. Bathrooms should also be well-stocked with hand wash, toilet paper, and paper towel. 

Given the frequency of handwashing required for food service, we recommend using hand sanitisers and hand wash with a conditioner to help keep hands moisturised without feeling sticky or slippery. Prices start from $3.19 for travel sizes, ranging up to $19.99 for our 1 litre options.

Vital+ Tip: Establish good hand washing practices amongst your staff with clear signs or posters with instructions. This includes washing with soap and water for 20 seconds and also drying hands correctly. 



As per the guidelines, areas frequented by your staff and patrons must be cleaned daily with detergent or disinfectant. If you plan to re-open with set times for bookings you'll need to clean and sanitise areas in between sittings. 

Staff will need to wear gloves when cleaning and wash their hands thoroughly with soap or use an alcohol‐based hand sanitiser before and after wearing gloves. For areas or surfaces that are frequently touched, they'll need to be cleaned with a detergent, disinfectant or wipes. Surfaces include: sinks, countertops, Eftpos equipment, lift buttons, handrails, tables, doorknobs, and keyboards. Staff should also clean personal property that they take to work, like mobile phones and sunglasses, with disinfectant

Vital+ Tip: Instead of physical menus, have them displayed on a wall or chalkboard where they can be easily read but not touched. This cuts down on paper and the spreading of germs.


It is important to take into consideration that despite the fact restrictions are being lifted, some customers may still not feel safe to go out. Taking a customers temperature can be a prudent step to show customers that the venue is taking measurements to ensure staff and customers are in a safe environment.

Contactless thermometers are the perfect choice.

Stay tuned to hear more about Back to Work Products & Health Advice


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