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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has challenged your fitness centre. You’ve closed your doors, said goodbye to your members and have had difficult conversations with your staff.

You may have implemented creative ways to keep your community and customers connected through virtual classes, online coaching, fitness plans or outdoor training.

As restrictions ease under the Government’s three-step plan, you’ll be preparing to return to (somewhat) normality as you plan to reopen your gym or fitness business. This can be an exciting - and maybe frightening - time if your business is unprepared.

We’ve compiled a list of essential products you need to keep your gym clean, disinfected and sanitised to ensure you, your staff, and customers are safe upon return.

To Disinfect Your Fitness Business:

Regular cleaning may have been a routine task for your staff pre-pandemic, but solely wiping down equipment and refilling sanitising wipes may not be enough now. You’ll have to add more disinfecting and sanitising measures to your regime as members return to your fitness centre.

Making sure staff are properly trained in proper cleaning techniques is imperative for the safety of your community.

What You Need:


Ensure you’re disinfecting equipment and surfaces between uses. We provide Viraclean Hospital Grade Disinfectant Spray - a major development in advanced cleaning and disinfecting technology. This disinfectant is of high quality and has years of intensive research and development backed behind it. It’s available in a squeeze bottle, spray and 5 litre bottles.


As per the guidelines, provide workers with gloves to use when cleaning. For a powder and latex-free option check out the Vinyl Examination Gloves available in all different sizes to fit small or big hands.

Antibacterial Wipes

The Blisma+ Hospital Grade Antibacterial Wipes are designed specifically for cleaning surfaces and kill up to 99.9% of germs. Keep these located at accessible areas around your gym to ensure members can be

Hand Sanitiser

Ensure everyone’s hands stay clean and keep germs at a minimum with the Soap2Go Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser. Encourage regular hand sanitation from both members and staff.

Vital+ Tip: Provide easy-access antibacterial wipes and hand sanitising stations around the gym to ensure members adhere to proper hygiene habits.

Encourage Healthy Habits:

In addition to extensive cleaning and disinfecting measures by staff, it’s important to keep customers well-informed on your gyms rules and regulations.

Ensure customers stick to correct social distancing measures, practice proper hygiene and are aware of your cleaning rules by placing easy-to-read signs around the gym.

Make sure each patron knows where to locate the hand sanitising and disinfecting stations and encourage them to wear protective clothing along with bringing their own towel.

What You Need:


Top up the bathrooms with high-quality soap to encourage members to stick to hand-washing hygiene. Put up hand-washing signage to act as a reminder for customers. The Dettol Foam Hand Wash is soft on the skin and effectively washes away germs, acting as a good option for the bathroom.

Face Masks

Keep face masks in stock for staff and members to use. Along with helping prevent the spread of disease, some customers may feel more at ease with the option of a face mask available. The Tuoren Level 2 Surgical Face Masks are hypoallergenic with a filtration efficiency of 99%.

Non- Contact Thermometers

For extra precaution, consider investing in a non-contact thermometer to ensure each member that enters your gym is in well-health and less at risk of infecting the community. We supply the Jziki Medical Infrared Forehead Thermometer, a professional non-contact thermometer with a measuring speed of less than 1 second.

We wish you the best of luck in re-opening. We offer Same Day and Next Day delivery for all back to work essentials.


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