Blue Jacar Dried Flower Scented Candle Monet’s Garden

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Product description: 

​The tropical blend of Peach and Mango with a sweet lemon-orange base. This unique combination of sweet scent leaves you feel youthful and seductive with a great sense of romantic. 

Fragrances Note:

Top notes: 

Mango, Peach, Honey

Middle notes:

Caramel, Raspberry, Sweet Orange

Base notes:

Grapefruit, Lemon

Burn time:

45 hours

Candle size:

7.2*10cm   /   Set box size: 13.5*16.5cm


  • Make sure the wick has at least 7mm or trimmed wick to 7mm when every time before burning the candle. 
  • For the first time burning, please make sure to keep the candle burn for an hour.
  • Do not burn Blue Jacar candle for less than 1 hour and more than 4 hours. 
  • Please keep this candle away from children and pets.

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