Blue Jacar Hanging Scented Candle Into The Fall

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Product description:

A unique, floral and zesty infusion of orange blossom, rose and iris paired with the earthy tones of musk, pink pepper and sweet benzoin. Hang in your bedroom for an energising morning burst.

Double up as an aroma candle — burn for up to 25 hours using an aroma lamp.

A perfect hanging scented candle is able to perfume your closet, laying on your drawer, or hanging inside the bathroom, which helps to create the perfect stress-free atmosphere to calm your mind after a long and stressful working day.  

Besides treating it as a sachet bag, it could be used as an aroma candle as well. It can be burned for 25 hours by using an aroma lamp.

Fragrance Note:

Top Note:

Marigold, Lemon

Middle Note:

Jasmine, Hyacinth

Base Note:

Benzoin, Vanilla

Candle size:

5*9cm | Fragrance: 12%

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