Euky Bear Vaporiser Cleaning 30 Tablets

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  • Cleans as it steams.
  • Non toxic.
  • Suitable for hard and soft water.
  • Australian Made & Owned

Non toxic tablets to clean your vaporiser as it steams.

No need for a separate cleaning cycle - the tablets clean while in normal operation, including when using inhalant.


        Place one cleaning tablet into an empty vaporiser before filling with water. In areas with hard or mineralised water, use two tablets. Discard water and rinse after each use. Use tablet for the first operation, then every 3rd or 4th use to keep vaporiser in optimal condition. Refer to your vaporiser manual for further use and care.


        Active ingredient: citric acid.

          Warning and Disclaimers:

          Keep out of reach of children. Not for ingestion.


          Why do I need to use Euky Bear Cleaning Tablets?

          Like a kettle, your vaporiser can develop scale inside from the tap water minerals, affecting its performance. Euky Bear’s Cleaning Tablets help dissolve scale to keep your vaporiser in top working condition. Note: the tablets do not prevent the mineral residue that can settle at the bottom of the tank after use. This is harmless and should be just rinsed away.

          What’s in the cleaning tablets?

          The active ingredient is citric acid, a food-grade ingredient similar to that naturally found in lemons, with inert binding ingredients that hold the tablet together. They’re non-toxic and do not affect the steam.

          What if one is accidentally ingested?

          These are non-toxic and composed primarily of citric acid, a food acid, so it’s similar to taking a large dose of Vitamin C. As citric acid is water-soluble, it is recommended the consumer drink a few glasses of water to help dilute and flush out their system. It should not do any harm. We have never received a report of any health issues from ingesting a cleaning tablet. If there are any concerns please contact your health care professional.

          Do you need to run a ‘cleaning cycle’?

          No, these can be used during normal operation, even with an inhalant. Add the tablet first, then inhalant, then water.

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