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The ActiPatch Muscle and Joint Pain product provides advanced long-lasting pain relief using Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy and works great for muscle soreness, strains & sprains, neck & shoulder pain, hip pain, carpal tunnel, sprained ankle, postoperative recovery and so much more. ActiPatch is drug and ingredient-free so is ideal for continuous use and can be used while taking any other medication. Unlike a TENS machine, you will not feel heat or vibration, ActiPatch is completely sensation free.


  • For best results wear continuously in one area for the first week.
  • The device should be used 8-24 hours per day. Pain relief may take up to 7 days. Daily treatment may be continuous, or intermittent. Overnight therapy is an effective option for many ActiPatch users.
  • The therapeutic area is within the loop of the ActiPatch device. The loop area should be placed  directly over the source of the pain. The device can be worn anywhere on the body. You can wear  more than one ActiPatch medical device at a time as long as the devices are not overlapping.
  • Apply to the body using the medical adhesives or wraps included in the pack. The LED light can face either towards or away from the skin. ActiPatch can also be worn over light clothing. You can use any type of wraps, adhesives, bandages or clothing to help hold the ActiPatch in place.

      Warning and Disclaimers:

      Always read the label & use only as directed. This product has not been clinically evaluated for pregnancy; therefore, we cannot recommend its use. Do not use in people with an immature skeleton (under 16 years of age), In direct contact with a wound as the device is not sterile, When showering/bathing. The device is water resistant and NOT waterproof. 

      ActiPatch SHOULD NOT be used:

      • During pregnancy
      • In people with an immature skeleton (under 16 years of age)
      • In direct contact with a wound as the device is not sterile
      • When showering/bathing. The device is water resistant and NOT waterproof
      • Directly over the site of a pacemaker


      What is ActiPatch?

      ActiPatch is an award winning, drug free device that uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy to reduce pain and inflammation, and accelerate healing. Used by clinicians for over 30 years, Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy has been proven effective in treating both chronic and acute pain. Advances in technology now mean this therapy is available in a small, convenient and economical device for personal use.

      How does ActiPatch work?

      ActiPatch uses Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy to stimulate nerve activity and dampen the brain’s perception of pain. ActiPatch provides targeted pain relief and an anti-inflammatory action, and may assist in the healing of soft tissue. ActiPatch is drug free. You will not feel heat, vibration or any type of sensation using the device.

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