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Aquatabs water purification tablets make water safe for drinking, cleaning teeth and washing fruit and vegetables by killing the water borne organisms that cause gastrointestinal illnesses such as diarrhoea, vomiting and cramps.


Add 1 tablet to 1 litre of clear water. Leave for 30 mins before use. Where there is sediment in the water, allow the water to settle or filter through a fine cloth. The filtered water is then treated.

  1. 1. 1 Litre of water.
  2. 2a. If clear, add 1 tablet.
  3. 2b. If dirty filter with cloth, add 2 tablets.
  4. 3. Mix well.
  5. 4. Wait 30 Minutes.
  6. 5. Safe to drink.


Each tablets contains 3.5mg Troclosene Sodium

Warning and Disclaimers:

Do not swallow tablet.

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Barcode: 5099668005019

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