Audisol Audiplugs Soft Silicone Comfort Plugs

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  • Audiplugs Malleable Comfort Ear Plugs
  • Forms any shape
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Stop water from entering the Ear Canal
  • suited for sensitive skin types


    1. Make sure the skin surrounding the ear canal is clean and dry.
    2. With clean hands, roll and shape the plug into a “ball”.
    3. Place the “ball” against the opening of the ear canal and press so that a smaller portion of it is pressed into the ear canal. Flatten out the rest of the plug on the outside of the opening so that it sticks to the skin and seals around the opening of the ear canal.
    Please note: Do not shape or divide the plug in a way that allows the plug to enter deeper into the ear canal. A plug that has been pressed in too deep may divide inside the canal and be difficult to remove.



    Warnings and Disclaimers:

    Store out of reach of children.

    There is a risk of choking if the plug is stuck in the windpipe.

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