Betadine Antiseptic Ointment 25g

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Betadine Antiseptic Ointment rapidly kills all bacteria and fungi commonly responsible for wound and skin infections. This ointment helps effectively treat & prevent infection in minor cuts & abrasions and treats minor skin infections. It is essentially non‐irritating to skin and will not permanently stain skin and natural fabrics.


Cuts wounds and abrasions: Apply Betadine Antiseptic Ointment undiluted liberally to the injured area using a cotton tipped applicator or cotton wool as desired. Wipe away from the cut and cover the surrounding area well.

Minor Burns: Cool immediately in cold water for 10‐20 minutes. If red or blistered, cover with a non‐stick sterile dressing and see a doctor.

Store below 25°C.


  • Povidone-Iodine

Warnings and Disclaimers:

Not to be used in known hypersensitivity to iodine or povidone. If irritation, redness or swelling develops, discontinue treatment and consult a doctor. For further information on contraindications to the use of povidone-iodine containing preparations, please refer to the package insert or consult your healthcare professional prior to use.
Povidone-Iodine preparations should not be applied over a long period and to large areas of the skin (e.g., not to more than 10% of the total body surface and for not longer than 14 days) unless strictly indicated.

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