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The BodiSure Cushion Massager with heating option, features Shiatsu style relaxing massage for multiple body areas.

  • Shiatsu style massage
  • Soft Cushion Design
  • Relaxing massage for multiple body areas
  • 4 high quality rotating heads
  • 2 rotating head directions (clockwise and anti-clockwise)
  • Heating option
  • Easily positioned using adjustable rear strap
  • Durable synthetic leather
  • AC adaptor with long 2.5m power cord
  • 15-minute auto-off
  • Convenient for home use


Please read the full Instructions for Use provided with the product prior to using.

  • Ensure massager and heat function are switched OFF
  • Insert the AC adaptor jack into the power connector
  • Plug the AC adaptor into an electrical outlet
  • Position the massager on body area to be massaged
  • Press the button once to begin massage
  • To change direction of the massage heads, press the button once again
  • If desired, press the button to turn ON the heat function. 

WARNING: Through the heating function, the surface of the cushion becomes hot in the area of the rotating massage heads. People who are sensitive to heat should use caution with this function

DO NOT use the product for more than 15 minutes at a time. The massager will automatically stop after 15 minutes. If you wish to switch off before this time, press the button until the massager turns off. Allow the massager to cool off completely before using it again. Excessive use is not recommended


Box contents:

  • Back massager with controller
  • instruction manual
  • AC adaptor with 2.5m power cord

    Warning and Disclaimers: 

    Always read & follow the instructions for use. Do not use with any electronic medical devices e.g. pacemakers.

    Please read all Safety Warnings provided with the product prior to using.

    • The BodiSure Cushion Massager is for massaging multiple areas of the body. DO NOT use for purposes other than massage
    • The product may only be used with the supplied power adaptor
    • This product is not intended for use by persons (including children) with limited physical, sensory or mental abilities or lacking experience and/or knowledge, unless they are supervised by a person responsible for their safety or have received and understand instructions/hazards for use of the product from this person in advance
    • Keep children away from packaging material. Ensure that the packaging bag is not put over the head as this is a suffocation hazard or choking hazard if swallowed
    • DO NOT leave the product unsupervised while it is connected to the power supply. Ensure that children cannot play with the product
    • In the following cases, DO NOT use the product or consult your healthcare professional prior to use:
      • with any electronic medical devices e.g. pacemakers, ECGs, artificial respirators etc. as the massager may cause these devices to malfunction;
      • if you have medical implants e.g. hip replacement etc.;
      • if you are pregnant;
      • if you have a chronic or major disease e.g. heart disease, cancer, stroke etc.;
      • if you suffer from skin disorders, circulatory problems (e.g. thrombosis), internal or external injuries, nerve irritation, joint disorders (e.g. arthritis);
      • if you have had recent surgery or have broken skin;
      • if you are unwell;
      • if you feel pain or discomfort during the massage
    • The appliance has a heated surface. Persons sensitive to heat must be careful when using the appliance
    • DO NOT use while wearing hard objects such as jewellery
    • DO NOT massage the skin directly
    • DO NOT use while using any other electrical devices
    • DO NOT use on the throat, head, stomach, chest, elbows, knees, or other bones
    • DO NOT use the massager immediately after eating, allow 1 hour before using
    • DO NOT fall asleep during use
    • Follow the AC adaptor instructions carefully

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