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  • Non-abrasive towelette for single-use
  • Formulated to quickly and safety clean
  • Safe and effective on all lenses and coating, especially AR coatings
  • Also ideal for sunglasses, safety and sport lenses
These Bright Wipe Lens Towelettes can be used to clean your eyewear, tablets, car mirrors, magnifiers and more. They re non-abrasive, pre-moistened for added convenience and won t leave a streak for a clear shine.
  • They can be used to remove oil, grease and fingerprints from your glasses, binoculars, smartphones and more.
  • Each wipe is pre-moistened and will leave your glass dry surfaces for instant use.
  • The forestry content of this product has been sourced from an FSC certified supplier, supporting healthy forests and protecting wildlife.


  1. Ensure lenses are free of abrasive dust or dit before cleaning and polishing with the towelette
  2. Remove and unfold the towelette and gently wipe the lens surface until clean and dry
  3. Towelettes are single use only. Dispose of after use

Warning and Disclaimers:

  • Not for use on contact lenses
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Contains isopropyl alcohol and water
  • Not for use on liquid crystal screens
  • For electric items, it is recommended to not clean screen sizes bigger than 9 inches
  • Do not use on lenses with damaged or scratched surfaces

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