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Chlorhexidine and Fluoride Gel for use in the treatment of oral gingival infections, bleeding gums and plaque control. Helps increase resistance to dental caries. Can be used in custom made trays or applied with a toothbrush.

Chlorhexidine helps control plaque and eases localised gingival and oral infections, Fluoride ions present are taken up by tooth structure and help to increase resistance to dental caries.

Dry mouth is commonly associated with the use of medications. Many medications may cause a dry mouth.


Chlorofluor Gel is suitable for:

ChloroFluor Mouth Gel is used for the control of minor infections and to ease associated discomfort.  Also used as an aid to oral hygiene after oral surgical procedures or jaw fixation.  Used to control plaque growth on removable prosthodontic or orthodontic appliances.


Apply gel to a toothbrush and brush teeth twice daily whilst condition persists or use as recommended by your Dentist or Pharmacist.
To achieve full benefit from the Chlorohexidine and Fluoride keep tray seated in the mouth for 1 hour.


Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.2 % w/v
Sodium Fluoride 0.0033 % w/v

Warning and Disclaimers:

Avoid contact with eyes. The use of chlorhexidine gel may cause a harmless superficial staining on teeth. Staining can be removed by using Bright Teeth Gel.

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