Clearwipe Lens Cleaner Wipes 20 Pack

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  • Clear wipe lets you safely clean your glasses anywhere, anytime.
  • Convenient to use anywhere.
  • Individually wrapped, ideal at work, in the car, in your purse or pocket and can be used for cleaning all types of eyewear, computer screens, safety glasses, etc.
  • Lifts off grease, dust and lint quickly and conveniently without scratching.
  • Dries instantly, streak-free, anti-Static Anti-Fog
  • Formula reduces build-up of dust & lint.


    • Open pack and remove wipe.
    • Unfold wipe and gently wipe the surface to remove surface dust and grease.
    • If sand or iron powder is on the lenses, first rinse the lenses with water.
    • Allow a moment for the lenses to dry for a streak-free shine.

    Warning and Disclaimers:

    Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.

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