Colgate Size 1 Interdental Brushes 8 Pack

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Colgate Interdental Brushes Size 1 – it’s cleaning made easy for improved mouth health. With proper use the Colgate Interdental Brushes can help promote gum health and prevent plaque build up in the interdental space.


  • Spiral soft bristles to effectively clean the interdental space
  • Non-slip grip for easily handling
  • Coated flexible wire that is gentle on gums
  • Size 1 for small tooth gaps
  • 8 brushes per pack with protective caps
  • Available in 3 sizes (0, 1 & 3) in order to adapt to your specific needs. Size 0 and 1 are suited for small tooth gaps. Size 3 is suitable for medium tooth gaps.


    Clean interdental spaces thoroughly before brushing:

    1. Use the Colgate Interdental Brush on its own or with the cap as an extended handle.
    2. Gripping the handle firmly, clean the interdental spaces with 3-4 gentle forward and backward movements.
    3. Rinse brush after use and protect with the cap.

    Replace weekly or as required.

    Warning and Disclaimers:

    Use only as directed.

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