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Enhances mental alertness and cognitive performance

  • Reduce mental fatigue & promote mental alertness
  • Promote cognitive performance
  • Support healthy memory

A different way to enhance mental alertness and improve cognitive performance.

Gincosan is a formula for easing mental fatigue, supporting blood circulation and maintaining physical endurance.1-6 It is particularly useful in those who are mentally and physically fatigued due to lifestyle, work or study demands, and who may have difficulty concentrating and remembering information.

Gincosan contains the scientifically researched combined extract of Ginkgo biloba (GK501) and Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer (G115).1-6 This exclusive formula is produced using a standardised and validated extraction process.

Used worldwide to support brain function and healthy blood circulation particularly to the peripheral areas of the body such as legs, hands and feet.

Reduce mental fatigue & promote mental alertness: Helps reduce mental fatigue and support healthy mental energy levels1,9

Promote cognitive performance: Supports mental alertness and concentration in times of increased demand2,3,5,6 e.g. new job

Support healthy memory: Aids memory, improving the retention of information and mental recall2,4,6

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Flordis Gincosan is suitable for:



Adults: Take one capsule with water after breakfast and one after lunch or as advised by your health professional.

Studies have shown that in times of increased demand, Gincosan can be taken on the day to support mental alertness and performance.3,5 Though effects may be seen within hours, it is recommended to take Gincosan for at least 4 weeks. Best results have been shown after 3 months of daily use. 2


Each capsule contains concentrated dry extracts of:

Ginkgo biloba (GK501) 60 mg equiv. to dry leaf 2.16 g stand. to ginkgo flavonglycosides 14.7 mg and ginkgolides & bilobalide 3.6 mg

Panax ginseng (G115) 100 mg equiv. to dry root 212.5 mg stand. to ginsenosides 4 mg

Warning and Disclaimers:

Some medicines and Gincosan may interfere with each other. These include blood-thinning medications such as anticoagulants. See your health professional if you plan to take any of the above medications before taking Gincosan.
Always read the label. Contains lactose. Follow the directions of use.


What makes Gincosan simply different?
Medicines with naturally sourced active ingredients can vary considerably depending on the species of plant chosen, the way it’s grown, harvested, and produced. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure the active ingredient in your product is the same type, and in the same quantity, as the one tested in clinical trials.

In Gincosan, we take care to use the same specific Ginkgo biloba and Panax ginseng extracts (combination of GK501 and G115) with the same specifications that have been researched in clinical studies to aid cognitive function and mental performance.1-6 That’s why you can be confident that Gincosan can offer the benefits demonstrated in the research.

How long should I take Gincosan?
Studies show that in times of increased demand, Gincosan can be taken on the day to support mental energy and performance.3 Though effects may be seen within hours, it is recommended to take Gincosan for at least 4 weeks. Best results have been shown after 3 months of daily use.

To experience full benefits it is recommended to take Gincosan for at least 3 months or as directed by your healthcare professional. 2

Does Gincosan contain allergens?
Contains lactose (55.5mg), and gelatine of bovine origin. No added gluten, wheat, soy, yeast, egg, sugar, salt, artificial flavourings, colours or preservatives.

Contains a small amount of glucose and mannitol.

Is Gincosan likely to interact with any medications?
Some medicines and Gincosan may interfere with each other. It is important to speak with a healthcare professional before starting Gincosan if you are taking prescription medications. Medical advice should also be sought before planned surgical or dental procedures.

Caution is advised in patients with bleeding disorders and for those on medications that may increase the risk of bleeding (ie. Warfarin and other anticoagulant, anti-platelet medication).

If you are unsure, speak to your health professional about whether Gincosan is right for you.

Do Gincosan capsules need to be swallowed whole?
Yes, Gincosan capsules should be swallowed whole with water and not broken or chewed.

Will Gincosan affect my ability to drive and operate machinery?
This medicine is not expected to affect your ability to drive a car or operate machinery.

Can Gincosan be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
Studies with pregnant or breastfeeding women are so far not available. In the absence of sufficient data, the use of Gincosan during pregnancy and lactation is not recommended. It is important to speak with a health professional if you have specific questions or concerns.

Should Gincosan be stopped before surgery?
If you are going to have surgery or dental procedures, tell your health professional that you have been taking Gincosan. It may increase the risk of bleeding and may affect other medicines used during surgery.

It is recommended to stop Gincosan at least 2 weeks prior to surgery. However, it is important to discuss this with your healthcare professional, including your anaesthetist and surgeon.

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