HotHands Cura-Heat Neck & Shoulder Tension Therapeutic Heat Patch 1 Pack

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HotHands warmers are single-use heat packs, providing instant warmth for your hands and feet. They are ideal for keeping your body warm when you’re out and about and the temperature is cold.

  • Provides up to 16 hours of pain relief to neck/shoulders
  • The unique wide shape of the patch is designed to cover the entire neck/shoulder
  • Heat penetrates into the body and improves blood circulation
  • The patch activates when exposed to the air
  • The heat patch has no unpleasant medicinal smell and can be applied direct to skin

HotHands Cura-Heat Neck & Shoulder Tension Patches are suitable for:

  • Pain relief to the neck and shoulders


  1. Ensure the skin is dry and clean.
  2. Remove the patch from the sachet, peel away the protective film, and apply the adhesive side of the patch directly to the skin over the painful area.
  3. The patch will become hot when it is exposed to air. Do not open the sachet until you are ready to apply the patch.
  4. After use, slowly peel off the patch and dispose.


Iron powder, Water, Activated Charcoal

Warning and Disclaimers:

Use only as directed.

Barcode: 4987072056684

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