Longevity Labs+ SpermidineLIFE Original 365+ 60 Capsules

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  • Herbal dietary supplement
  • Contains natural Spermidine
  • Developed and researched in Austria
  • +10 years of scientific research
  • Clinically tested

spermidineLIFE® Original 365+ is a natural dietary supplement made from spermidine-rich wheat germ extract and supports the body’s cell renewal1.

Based on more than ten years of research, we developed spermidineLIFE® Original 365+ in collaboration with international cytologists. Now, spermidineLIFE® Original 365+ is the first dietary supplement worldwide that has a high spermidine content. Based on the revolutionary fundamental research of the University of Graz, spermidineLIFE® Original 365+ has been clinically tested for safety and tolerability in cooperation with international clinics and universities over several years2.

Spermidine is a natural polyamine that exists in our cells. With increasing age, the level of spermidine in the cells decreases.

Together with thiamine and zinc, which help protect the cells from oxidative stress, spermidineLIFE® Original 365+ is ideal to support the body’s cell renewal1.

SpermidineLIFE® was honoured by the Pharma Trend – Image & Innovation Award as the most innovative Product 2020“.

SpermidineLIFE® is a dietary supplement made of 100% natural raw materials.

The role of the cell in the body.
Everywhere in our body, there are cells, the functionality of which is essential for our general state of health.

They are the smallest unit of life, but they play a major role in the human body because a multitude of essential processes takes place in them.

They store certain substances, such as oxygen, and release them when necessary. They also carry out their own metabolic processes to produce energy. The small power plants of our cells, the mitochondria, utilize the energy obtained from food through blood and make it available to our body when needed. In addition, they can divide, communicate with each other, and send vital signals to other cells and organs.

Dietary supplement from spermidine-rich wheat germ extract, zinc and vitamin B1.

How can I keep my cells active?

Cells have different life spans: some cells of the stomach only live for two days, while skin cells renew themselves every three to four weeks. Red blood cells live for about three months, while bone cells are active for as long as 25 years. We can help our cells to reach their maximal life span, by taking care of ourselves through a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Unfortunately, we cannot influence or control every process happening in our bodies, but we can support our cells.

Longevity Labs+ SpermidineLIFE Original 365+ 60 Capsules

1Coating Agent


        Take 2 capsules daily with liquid to a meal. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

        Store the capsules dry, protected from heat and light and out of the reach of children. Not safe for people who are pregnant or nursing or for children.

        Consume within 2 months after opening.


        Wheat germ extract Zinc gluconateThiamine hydrochlorideHydroxypropyl methylcellulose [1]Acetylated starchShellacTalcGlycerin

        Contents per daily dose (2 capsules)

        800 mg wheat germ extract
        0,17 mg Thiamine
        1,5 mg Zinc

        Warning and Disclaimers:

        Food supplements are not a replacement for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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