Manicare Chiropody Pliers 100mm With Side Spring

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Precision chiropody pliers with smooth spring action & heat-treated, hardened blades to assist in cutting & trimming tough toenails or fingernails. The deluxe satin steel cutting edge & black coated handles long-lasting performance & functionality.

  • Chiropody Pliers 100mm
  • Made from the finest quality stainless steel design with unique side spring system


    1. Fold the lever spring up into the internal fork of the pliers
    2. Grip pliers firmly & proceed to cut nails with care
    3. Cut toenails straight across.

    Do not cut into corners of the nail as this may cause ingrown toenails

    Use an emery board or nail file to smooth nail tips, preventing sharp edges & snags

    To avoid cracking or splitting the nails, soak feet in warm water to soften the nails before trimming.

    Warning and Disclaimers:

    Sharp implement. Keep away from children.

    Always store in a clean, dry place.

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