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Finest quality stainless steel hairdressing scissors with 16cm extra large grip. The precision-ground blades & 24k gold-plated handles ensure these professional scissors are durable, functional & long-lasting for all your home hairdressing needs.

  • Can be used on wet or dry hair.


    1. Ensure hair is clean & free from hairsprays & gels as these will give a false impression to how the hair lies naturally.
    2. Detangle hair using a fine-tooth comb.
    3. Part hair into small sections & trim.

    Cut hair while wet for straighter, cleaner finish. For an extra shine finish, rinse your hair in cold water after washing. Cold water closes the hair cuticles giving your hair a flat, smooth surface to light to reflect.

    Warning and Disclaimers:

    Sharp implement. Keep away from children.

    After use, wipe scissors with a clean, damp cloth. Leave scissors open & allow to dry naturally. Store in a clean, dry place.

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