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Diamondcel multidirectional grit design, files your calluses easily and quickly.

Double-sided with optional coarse and fine grit to suit your needs. Non-slip, silky, soft-touch handle for a luxurious grip. It is simple and easy to use for your feet, leaving calloused areas feeling smoother and softer.

Apply moisturiser to rehydrate your skin after use. Leave your feet in socks overnight to help moisturiser absorption.


      • Gently scrub calloused area with the preferred side.
      • Coarse grit to remove tough top layers and use fine grit to smooth skin.
      • Can be used on dry or wet skin.

      Rinse after each use and allow to air dry completely in a cool dry place. Replace as required.

      Warning and Disclaimers:

      Do not use on broken or infected skin. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

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      Introducing the Manicare pediPRO Range!

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