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These thin, flexible  ICE Cold patches provide rapid and sustained targeted cooling pain relief of Joint Pain, Mild Arthritis, Back Pain, Muscular Aches or Pain, Sports related Muscular Pain including Sprains or Strains. The adhesive patches can be wrapped around difficult body joints such as ankles and elbows.

SIZE: 14cm x 10cm

Temporary Pain Relief:

  •  Back Pain
  •  Muscular back pain during pregnancy
  •  Joint Pain or Stiffness
  •  Knocks or Bumps
  •  Mild Arthritic Pain
  • Muscular Aches or Pain
  •  Neck Pain
  •  Shoulder Pain
  •  Sports related Muscular Pain 
  •  Sprains or Strains

LOW ODOUR - great for work or social occasions
EFFECTIVE - temporary pain relief
TARGETED - apply direct to the affected area
FLEXIBLE - great for joint areas


Apply only to clean dry skin. Open the pouch, remove on patch and peel the clear plastic film. Apply the sticky side of the patch over the affected or swollen area. Do not cut the patch. Re-seal the pouch to prevent remaning patches from drying out. Use all patches within one month of opening. Each patch can only be used once.

Store in a cool, dry place. Do not freeze or refrigerate.

Warning and Disclaimers:

For external use only. Do not use on broken or irritated skin or with other skin products, including medication rubbed into the skin, on the same area.

Do not use more than 4 patches one after the other on the same area.

Do not use if you have an allergy to sticking plasters. Stop using the patch straight away if you get a rash, irritated skin or any unwanted effects.

Do not use on or near eyes.

Use by young children should be supervised. Do not use on infants or people who cannot remove the patch by themselves.

Consult your doctor before use if you are a diabetic, have poor circulation, have a skin condition or if your pain or injury is severe. If pregnant always check new symptoms with your doctor. See a doctor if symptoms persist.

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