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  • 97% of mums experience a soothing sensation after breastfeeding(1)
  • 97% of mums are satisfied: the balm prevents from cracked nipples(1)
  • 100% ingredients of natural origin
  • Certified Ecocert
  • Certified CosmeBio
  • Vegan
  • Ingredient safety policy
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Made in France
  • Fragrance-free

Our Certified Organic Nursing comfort balm is a soothing and restorative nipple cream that keeps skin comfortable while breastfeeding.
Specially formulated to protect sensitised nipples, it soothes and helps to restore the skin, to enable new mums fully enjoy breastfeeding.
Fragrance-free and made of 100% plant-based ingredients, its key ingredient is Olive oil, known for its nourishing properties.

Good for the skin and the planet

Breastfeeding? Our certified Organic Nursing balm will be your best ally, with its 100% ingredients of natural origin.

Our Nursing Comfort Balm forms a protective moisturising barrier with a restoring effect on cracked or sensitised nipples, keeping skin comfortable during breastfeeding.

The balm is without added fragrance which means that Baby can breastfeed safely and comfortably.

With a rich and melting texture, our balm is pleasurable and easy to use.
Its formula is natural, vegan and its bottle is recyclable.

Mustela Nursing Comfort Balm is suitable for:



  • Step 1: Apply a good layer on the nipples after each feed. You don't need to rinse off the balm, it will protect the nipples until the next feed. 
  • Step 2: 

    Re-apply after each feed.

    Before each feed, make sure your nipples are clean (no "pills" from your cotton bra, no cream clumps etc.) Clean your nipples with water if needed.



Tips for Avoiding Breast Feeding Discomfort:

In an ideal world, breastfeeding will be comfortable. Some mums and babies have no problems from the start, while for others it can be a struggle – everybody is different. Lactation consultants can help with specific techniques. The following information may also help

  1. Nurse on the best breast first if you have one: Babies often nurse more gently on the second side since they’re less hungry so best breast first to dampen their appetite.
  2. Ensure the correct baby latch: The best latch position is off-centre, with more of the areola below the nipple in your baby s mouth. Try to ensure your baby’s mouth is open with tongue down before inserting the nipple.
  3. Adjust positions: You may find that certain positions make it easier for your baby to latch on correctly and are much more comfortable than others. Experiment to find the best position for you and your baby.
  4. Cold packs: Some mum s find a cold pack before nursing can help to dampen the initial pain of latching.
  5. Clean your nipples gently after breastfeeding: If you have a cracked or bleeding nipple, rinse the breast after each feeding with water to reduce the risk of infection. Some practitioners suggest rinsing the nipple with breast milk. This study found rubbing breast milk on the nipple after feeding worked better than Lanolin in reducing healing times.

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