Nexcare Crepe Bandage Medium 50mm x 1.6m

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Nexcare Crepe Bandage White is a gentle, medium weight for bandaging and compression. The Nexcare Crepe Bandage is comfortable to wear and with light stretch for easy application. Size: 50mm x 1.6m. Colour: White.

Nexcare Crepe Bandage Medium 50mm x 1.6m is suitable for:

Support, padding and protection. Supportive bandage for strains, sprains, injuries to tendons or muscles.For light compression over wide areas.


  1. Support the body part to be bandaged adequately before starting to apply the bandage.
  2. Hold the tightly rolled bandage with the ‘head’ of the bandage on top and wrap the ‘tail’ around the body part without unrolling more than a few centimetres at a time.
  3. Begin with a locking turn to hold the start of the bandage securely under each following turn.
  4. Work from the middle of the body part in an outwards direction.
  5. Ensure that each turn covers two-thirds of the previous turn.
  6. Finish with a straight turn at the end of the bandage.
  7. Secure the bandage with medical adhesive tape.

      Warning and Disclaimers:

      Provides light compression for strains, sprains, and injuries to tendons or muscles. Provides support, padding and protection and conforms well to the body.

      Precautions: Wrapping too tightly may impair circulation. If skin discolouration, tingling or cold sensation occur, remove immediately.

      Always read the instructions and use strictly as directed. All injuries should be assessed and diagnosed by a qualified health professional.

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