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Concentrated, high-quality omega-3 helps to provide enhanced lubrication and protection for dry and irritated eyes.

NovaTears omega-3 is intended for:

  • Stabilisation of the tear film
  • preventing evaporation of the tears
  • Restoring and increasing lipid layer thickness

NovaTears Omega-3  is suitable for:

Adults 18+ years

NovaTears omega-3 is suitable for vegans. 


Instil 1 drop in each affected eye up to 4 times daily.


Perfluorohexyloctane and omega-3 fatty acids

Warning and Disclaimers:

Do not use NovaTears if you are hypersensitive (allergic) to the ingredient Perfluorohexyloctane.

If you are using any other eye medication allow at least 15 minutes between using the other product and NovaTears.   

Do not use NovaTears if you wear contact lenses as NovaTears may affect them.

NovaTears should not be used while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Store below 25°C

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