Ostelin Vitamin D3 1000IU Capsules 130 Capsules

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  •  Promotes calcium absorption and is involved with bone mineralisation
  •  Helps maintain a healthy immune system
  •  Helps to support muscle function and to maintain strong bones
  •  May reduce the risk of falls by supporting muscle tone and strength
  • Ostelin Vitamin D3 1000IU helps keep muscles and bones strong.
  • Small, easy to swallow capsule that provides a daily dose of vitamin D3, the form that is naturally produced in the body.
  • Vitamin D requirements also increase in pregnant women due to calcium deposition and bone mineralisation in the developing baby.

1 capsule daily with a meal or as directed by your health professional.


Each capsule contains Vitamin D3 1000IU (Colecalciferol 25 micrograms).

Warning and Disclaimers:

Contains sulfies and soya.

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