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  • Removes bacteria & Stagnant food debris
  • Freshens breathe - especially if used on the back 1/3 of tongue

Effectively cleans tongue, particularly the back third which can be a common source of bad breath.

Piksters Tongue cleaner is a new cleaning implement for the tongue, with a smaller head to reduce the gagging reflex, it provides a more thorough cleaning of the problem back third of the tongue.


  1. Scrape: Scrape from back to the front of your tongue, using the rubber scraper fin. Be sure to get the back of the tongue
  2. Rinse: Gargle and rinse with mouth wash or water
  3.  Wash: wash and clean your tongue cleaner after each use

Warning and Disclaimers:

If bad breath persists or hygienist to check your gum pockets and advise you accordingly. Note: There are many other non-oral causes of bad breath

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