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Mute is a comfortable nasal dilator and snoring solution that is designed to increase airflow and improve nasal breathing by gently opening the airways during sleep. Mute improves the airflow through the nose to reduce the reliance on mouth breathing.

Being able to breathe better through your nose at night means you’ll enjoy a more restful sleep which in turn improves mood, concentration and memory during the day.

An adjustable, comfortable and economical snoring remedy, Mute may be the snoring solution you need to breathe more, snore less and sleep better.

Mute is suitable for:

Adults who snore due to night-time nasal congestion and/or obstruction causing them to mouth breathe. Mute is not appropriate for use by people under 12 years old.


1. Hold the bridge with the loops facing toward you and the paddles away from you. This image is how it should look if you’re standing in front of the mirror.

2. Gently place the loops in first and tilt the bridge upwards towards the tip of your nose as you insert it. Mute has been designed to follow the natural angle inside the nose.

3. Mute should sit all the way inside the nose with only the bridge showing and spanning across the top of the nostrils. If Mute is hanging out then it may be too big for your nose.

4. If Mute feels loose or you want greater airflow, expand the loops by gently clicking the paddles outwards. You can adjust each side separately to achieve the best fit.

Each Mute device can be worn for up to 8 hours each night, for up to 10 nights.


Mute is made from ultra-soft medical grade polymers to ensure comfort throughout the night.

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