Swisspers Breast Milk Storage Bags 20 pack

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  • Sterilised
  • Dual closure to prevent leakage
  • BPA Free

Swisspers Breast Milk storage bags are the hygienic and convenient way to store and use breast milk, and are sterilised for hygiene. Key features are individual tear-away seals for extra hygiene, a measuring guide printed on the bag and an area for noting the date of filling. Designed for filling with breast milk for immediate storage in the refrigerator or freezer.

Expert Tip: Contact your local breastfeeding organisation or medial practitioner for tips and hints on feeding baby.


  1. Prepare the area by sterilising all bottles, tools and surfaces, and thoroughly wash hands.
  2. Before filling write date in the space provided.
  3. To open bag remove the perforated tab and open dual closure.
  4. Pour breast milk into bag and reseal for storage.
  5. Place in fridge or freezer.
  6. To defrost place bag in the fridge to hygienically thaw. Bag can also gently warmed in warm (not hot) water, being sure to remove bag from warm water as soon as it reaches the appropriate temperature.
  7. Pour milk into feeding bottle, gently warm if required.

Leave sealed until about to use, and practice good hygiene by ensuring hands are washed and all bottles/tools are fully sterilised. Store away from sharp objects.


BPA Free Plastic

Warning and Disclaimers:

Dispose of empty bag. DO NOT REUSE. Bags are sterile until opened. Used bags can be washed, dried and then disposed of for recycling in your local RedCycle bin. NEVER REUSE BREAST MILK BAGS as bags will no longer be sterile and therefore potentially harmful for baby.  Practice good hygiene: unwashed hands and unsterilised equipment can be very harmful to baby. Once defrosted breast milk should be used immediately and never stored at room temperature.

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