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Thursday Plantation Walkabout Insect Repellent contains Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Oil), Lemon-scented Tea Tree Oil (Leptospermum Petersonii Leaf Oil) and Citronellal blended into a soothing, cooling base for protection against biting insects and flies.

  • Soothing
  • Cooling base for protection against biting insects and flies
  • Roll on format for easy application
  • Ideal for outdoor activities and camping
  • Contains 100% pure Australian Tea Tree Oil
  • Free from SLS, SLES, synthetic parabens, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours, synthetic preservatives and animal-derived ingredients

Thursday Plantation Walkabout Insect Repellent is suitable for:

All skin types


Apply liberally over all exposed skin areas. Reapply as required. Not to be used for any purpose, or in any manner, contrary to this label unless authorised.


18.9g/L Melaleuca Oil, 9.45g/L Leptospermum Petersonii Leaf Oil, 28.35g/L Citronellal.

Warning and Disclaimers:

Keep out of reach of children. Read safety directions. Do not contaminate streams, rivers or waterways with the repellent or used container.

Avoid contact with eyes, lips and mucous membranes. Skin patch test prior to use, if irritation occurs, discontinue use.

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