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Universal’s Vinyl Clear Examination Gloves have been designed for use in the healthcare and foodservice industries. In both settings, they limit particulate contamination, and for foodservice, these gloves are resistant to oils, fats and grease. Being latex-free and containing low powder, they are also ideal for wearers that suffer from powder or latex allergies. Universal’s Vinyl Clear Examination Gloves also adhere to the standard specification for Poly (vinyl chloride) gloves for medical application (ASTM D5250). 

  • Made from 100% vinyl
  • Resistant to oils, fats and grease
  • Powder and latex-free
  • Foodservice industry TGA approved colour-coded boxes
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Adheres to standard ASTM D5250 for medical application
  • Size: Large

Barcode: 9316026011915

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