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Wakey Wakey Gummies help boost energy levels and increase concentration & focus for those that need a bit of an energy hit. Caffeine is delivered through a delicious gummy.


  • Tailor your wakefulness with up to 5 gummies per day
  • Boost energy levels
  • Increase concentration, focus and alertness
  • Vitamins B3, B6, B12 & C
  • Less than 7 calories
  • Increase mental stamina

Wakey Wakey Caffeine Gummies are suitable for: 

  • Adults


Take up to 5 gummies a day or as directed by health professionals.


  • Caffeine 7.5mg.
  • Paullinia cupana (Guarana) seed extract dry concentrate 82mg (Equi: paullinia cupana dry 102.5mg which includes 7.5mg of naturally occurring caffeine).
  • Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) 12mg.
  • Nicotinamide (B3) 3.6mg cyanocobalamin (B12) 0.2mcg.
  • Pyridoxine (B6) as pyridoxine hydrochloride 632mcg.

Warning and Disclaimers:

If symptoms persist seek the advice of a healthcare professional. Not suitable for children. Contains 15mg of caffeine in each gummy. A cup of instant coffee contains approximately 80mg of caffeine. Contains sugars. Adults only. Contains gluten. Caffeine intake more than 200mg per day is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Caffeine interacts with the liver enzyme cyp1a2. Consult your health professional before taking with other medicines. Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

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