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  • Fresh Mint flavour
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Most people experience discomfort with braces - teeth become sore and tender due to biting pressures. Also, the lips, cheeks and tongue can become irritated.

Wisdom Wax for Braces adheres to Orthodontic appliances to help relieve irritated tissue.

When brackets snap the wax is placed on the end of the wire, so it won t dig into the sides of the mouth.

As a barrier against rubbing, Wisdom Wax for Braces relieves the irritation of the brackets against the gum and cheek. It can be moulded to fit any surface area that needs relief.


  1. Break off a small piece of wax and roll between the fingers.
  2. Press directly over the area in the mouth causing irritation.
  3. Repeat as needed.

    Warning and Disclaimers:

    If irritation persists, consult your Orthodontist.

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