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  • Fast and effective relief
  • Suitable to rolled-on before and after sporting activity
  • Supports sporting injuries
  • Ingredients promote blood circulation
  • Thicker formulation aids massage
  • Camphor provides heat and supports massage

Zen Sports Roll-On is specifically formulated to be suitable for use before and after sporting activities as needed.

A natural therapeutic massage liniment specially designed for sportsmen and athletes that replaces all other creams and medicines. It aims to relieve and prevent pre and post-activity injuries and has proven to be restorative. 

It contains two herbal ingredients (Arnica montana and Mentha arvensis) to help relieve minor sports injuries including bruises, sprains and general muscle aches. It is supported by 3 traditional Chinese herbs to help promote blood circulation, alleviate pain and relieve inflammation and swelling.


Apply and massage into the affected area 1-4 times daily. Can be used before or after sporting activity as needed. 

Store below 30°C.


Active Ingredients:

Each mL contains dry herb equivalent to:

Arnica Montana flower 20mg
Boswellia carterii stem bark resin 16mg
Panax pseudoginseng root 16mg
Commiphora myrrha stem bark resin 14mg
Mentha arvensis herb oil 100mg
Excipients: Camphor, ethanol & glycerol

Warning and Disclaimers:

Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. Do not take orally. Do not use during pregnancy. Avoid eye contact. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.


What is it?

Zen Therapeutics make outstanding, safe and effective natural medicines that promote health and reduce suffering for users. Whilst the top-selling and original Zen liniment is widely used for specific ailments, such as mild arthritis, Zen Sports is specifically formulated to alleviate sporting injuries, such as muscle aches, sprains, and bruising, and is ideal for massaging due to the thicker, more natural consistency to the liquid, containing camphor which helps provide heat and supports massage.

What sets Zen apart from the rest?

Many other products on the market provide temporary pain relief, thus acting as a blanket for underlying issues with no real long term benefits. Zen works on affected areas, repairing muscle and joint issues from the first application. It is a natural alternative to medicines and pain relief drugs and can promote ongoing reparative properties.

How will it improve your game?

By helping to relieve the discomfort and pain associated with sports injuries, sprains, general muscle aches and bruising, Zen Sports provides fast and effective topical pain relief and promotes blood circulation to relieve pain and inflammation. The convenience of a plastic bottle enables easy and safe portability, taking up next to no space in any gym bag.

Why Zen Sports is the best option?

Zen Sports has been formulated with 20x the amount of Arnica that is used in the Zen liniment. Arnica is used to support sprains, bruises and general muscle aches and pains. The perfect formulation for prevention and protection. It can be applied pre and post activity. The non-oily glycerine base allows for ease when massaging and strapping over injury. The “football locker room smell” of most liniments is from cheap chemicals such as methyl-salicylate, replaced in Zen with mentha arvensis, giving it its signature mint aroma.

Unlike many other sports sprays on the market, Zen is 100 per cent Australian made and has been proved and tried for over 25 years. Created by leading naturopath and herbalist, Rod Berger B.App.Sc. (TCM). ND in 1990, every bottle contains Rod’s extensive knowledge and dedication. What’s more, his ongoing research makes Zen continually be on top of its game/ at the forefront of muscle relief products. The natural ingredients in every bottle although individually achieving a different function, work together to provide relief and prevention that you can rely on. Now that’s total Zen.

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