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We’ve heard of scientists using stem cells to repair diseased organs, but have you heard of plant stem cells used in skincare? Andalou Naturals is revolutionising the world of skincare by extracting potent fruit stem cells and whipping them up into miracle-working formulas that target everything from anti-ageing to dullness to uneven skin tone. Here’s the lowdown on their restorative, repairing skincare range.

In the world of beauty and skincare, there are endless lotions and potions claiming to work miraculously on a number of skincare concerns. But when you hear the term ‘stem cells’, beautifying skincare is admittedly not the first thing that springs to mind.

Natural skin companies have harnessed the power of plants and fruits as ingredients for years, but advances in technology now mean that scientists have the ability to extract fruit stem cells directly from the plant and use them in skincare products too.

But what are plant stem cells and how do they work exactly? Here’s all you need to know.

What are plant stem cells?

Stem cells are a special type of cell in an organism that can develop into many different types of cells. Embryonic stem cells can be developed into all types of human cells like nerve cells, skin cells, muscle cells and brain cells. They can also fix damaged tissues. These cells are human cells that are specific to an individual. They’re essentially undifferentiated cells that haven’t chosen a definite path as to what cells they are going to be yet, which means ultimately they can change.

Although plant (and fruit) stem cells are different, they work in the same way.

Similar to those in humans and animals, plant stem cells possess the unique ability to change into different types of cells and to “self-renew” by producing more stem cells, just like human stem cells can. In plants, these cells live in the meristems of plants. They help and regenerate live plants after they have an injury.

The main difference is that the plant stem cells actually have stronger antioxidant properties than human cells because plants are stationary. They have to protect themselves from the damaging effects of the weather, so they have to work that much harder to protect themselves.

But how do stem cells work in skincare?

That’s where things get interesting! The cellular components of plants are jam-packed with antioxidants, and these work to fight off free radicals that can cause potential damage to your skin. As a result, they deliver a plethora of skin benefits, including anti-ageing, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.

The cellular components of plants are protective, which means when you apply them to your face, they work in the same way. Unlike human stem cells, plant stem cells are not live organisms, but the cell extracts mean that you get the same benefits of antioxidants, amino acid content, and ability to boost collagen synthesis — this stimulates skin regeneration.

Studies have shown that extracts of Swiss apple stem cells
were found to reverse the ageing process of cultured fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are a type of cell found in the connective tissue of the body’s organs, where they produce proteins such as collagen. They are responsible for generating connective tissue and allowing the skin to recover from injury.

This is what plant stem cells are famed for — the ability to repair your skin.

Please tell me more!

We thought this might get your attention. So we thought you might like to know a little more about our newest skincare brand Andalou Naturals. They use plant stem cell technology in their natural skincare range to deliver powerful, targeted skincare results, including anti-ageing, skin tone, brightening, pigmentation and more.

How does it work?

Using a unique a blend of potent bioactive Fruit Stem Cells, extracted from the Heirloom Apple, Grape, Swiss Alpine Rose, Argan Tree Kernel the Hemp Plant, alongside unique ingredients like Resveratrol and Squalane, this science-backed skincare range works to repair the skin, whilst simultaneously targeting a number of skin concerns.

Their unique formulas contain a signature innovation, PhytoCellTec® Fruit Stem Cell Science —where stem cells are extracted from potent fruit and plant sources and placed into a regenerative state, before being meticulously blended inside a protective membrane, known as a liposome. These liposomes are then mixed together with other key ingredients to deliver anti-ageing properties, and a blast of antioxidants directly to the skin.

How do the stem cells work on my skin?

PhytoCellTec® Malus Domestica

Extracted from the ‘Uttwiler Spatlauber’, a rare Swiss apple, known for its longevity potential and ability to protect skin stem cells from premature ageing.

PhytoCellTec® Solar Vitis

This rare grape cultivar has particularly high tannin levels and a strong tolerance to UV exposure, which helps protect the skin from UV and environmental stresses.

PhytoCellTec® Alp Rose

From the stem cells of the alpine rose leaf. This alpine rose grows at high altitudes, and has adapted over time to protect against extreme cold and dryness. It also has calming and soothing properties for your skin.

PhytoCellTec® Argan Stem Cells

Derived from the highly resistant Argan tree, these potent stem cells protect the skin, whilst aiding its restoration process.

Hemp Stem Cells

Naturally occurring phytocannabinoids extracted from the mature stalk of the hemp plant. These stem cells work to counteract free radicals, oxidative damage and pollution.

What about the other ingredients?

Here, we break down some of Andalou Naturals' key ingredients, and their skincare benefits.


Introducing the powerful plant version of retinol. Retinol (a form of vitamin A) is a powerful ingredient found in many anti-ageing products. It increases cell regeneration in our skin by promoting collagen production. It does, however, come with a range of possible side effects that make it incompatible with other active skincare ingredients like Vitamin C, AHAs and BHAs. Retinol also increases your skin’s sensitivity to light, which means you can’t use it during the day.

So to counter these side effects, Andalou Naturals has produced a plant-based alternative — Bakuchiol — that is just as effective at targeting fine lines and wrinkles, but you can use alongside other powerful ingredients such as vitamin C, AHAs and BHAs.

Their Age-Defying range contains a powerful combo of bakuchiol and fruit stem cells cultivated from grapes. This potent formula supports the skin’s essential building blocks of collagen and elastin by providing a rich dose of antioxidants to help fight signs of ageing and restore a dehydrated complexion.

Andalou Age Defying Retinol Alternative Serum 30mL
Andalou Age Defying Rejuvenating Plant-Based Retinol Alternative Serum 30mL

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Andalou Age Defying Rejuvenating Eye Balm 13g
Andalou Age Defying Rejuvenating Eye Balm 13g

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Andalou Age Defying Revitalise Serum 32mL
Andalou Age Defying Fruit Stem Cell Revitalise Serum 32mL

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Vitamin C

For those who suffer with dull and pigmentation prone skin, you’ll want a brightening product that tightens and rejuvenates, leaving a much brighter and luminous complexion.
Andalou Naturals’ brightening Vitamin C skincare combines some of the best moisturisers and serums for dull and pigmentation-prone skin. They use a potent fruit stem cell complex along with vitamin C, skin-friendly probiotic microflora and number of complexion-boosting plant ingredients such as Manuka honey, pumpkin, clementine and lemon, all of which work together to support dermal vitality, dissolve and sweep away dull, dry, over-exposed surface cells, and to resurface the skin, to reveal a more even tone and smoother texture.

Andalou Brightening Turmeric + C Enlighten Serum 32mL
Andalou Brightening Turmeric + C Enlighten Serum 32mL

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Andalou Brightening Purple Carrot + C Luminous Night Cream 50mL
Andalou Brightening Purple Carrot + C Luminous Night Cream 50mL

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Andalou Brightening Probiotic + C Renewal Cream 50mL
Andalou Brightening Probiotic + C Renewal Cream 50mL

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Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that's most commonly used for anti-ageing, hyperpigmentation, dryness, and acne. It’s derived from sugarcane, and is also a humectant, meaning it has the chemical ability to draw moisture to itself. This means glycolic acid draws moisture to your newly exfoliated skin which, when used correctly, not only hydrates dry skin, but also prevents new fine lines and wrinkles. Clever, right?

Andalou’s Brightening Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask contains a unique blend of fruit stem cells, vitamin C, glycolic AHA, manuka honey and organic pumpkin, to gently dissolve and sweep away dull, dry surface cells, whilst also exfoliating and resurfacing for even tone, smooth texture, and a clear, luminous complexion. It’s also rich in beta carotene, to help boost your skin’s overall health.
Andalou  Glycolic Mask 53mL
Andalou Brightening Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask 53mL

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Andalou Brightening Get Started Kit
Andalou Brightening Get Started Kit

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