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Your first foray into men’s skincare? Fret not, skincare guru Matt Huxley has got the basics covered with this simple 4-step skincare routine. This is your essential guide to skincare for men. Male grooming made easy.

So you’ve looked in the mirror one morning, and your reflection is a little confronting.

“Was that line always there? Why does my skin look so dull? Damn I look old!”

No matter what you think, it’s never too early, or too late, to start a skincare routine. More than just attempting to rewind some of the years, skincare is self care — it makes you look and feel good, so it’s worth investing in, no matter what age you start.

That being said, coming in as a newbie can feel a little overwhelming. There are so many products, ingredients, textures and labels. What a minefield! So let me guide you through it in the simplest way possible. I’ve put together an easy skincare routine that covers off all the basics, together with a few male grooming products to get you on the road to skin confidence.

Follow these 4 simple steps, and you’re all set. See, male grooming made easy.

4 Steps to Skin Confidence: Male Grooming Must-Haves

Step 1: Cleansing

Slowly put down that bar of soap and back away. Despite what some male-branded packets tell you, do not wash your face with the same products that you use on the rest of your body. Your facial skin deals with a lot more stress than the skin on your body. It needs something a bit more targeted.

The MooGoo Ultra Gentle Cleanser is a great place to start. It’ll give a nice, thorough clean without stripping the skin. It has a calming and hydrating propanediol base, and very gentle surfactants (this is what makes it foamy). If you’re working in a particularly dirty environment – near a road, or on a worksite for example – you might want to use it twice in the evening to really clean the skin. A 20c piece size each morning and night should do it.

Step 2: Eye Cream

Our eyes do the most work every day, and they deserve to be treated accordingly. Eye cream is a must-have if you’re hoping to achieve a more youthful appearance.

No, your face moisturiser should not be applied around your eye area. The skin in your orbital area is much thinner than the rest of your facial skin. It needs specialised products and science, otherwise you run the risk of problems like pimples and milia.

The Jojoba Co Firming Eye Balm is a great option. Aloe and Jojoba seed oil as a base to smooth and hydrate, plus quinoa extract to help with de-puffing and firming. A rice grain size morning and night should be enough for both eyes. Take it on the tips of your ring fingers and pat it around the eye, where you feel the bone.

Step 3: Moisturiser

A hydrating and repairing moisturiser will be your best friend in your new skin routine. Moisturisers will help to soften your skin, hydrate it, protect it, and make it feel more comfortable. Try to avoid going for anything labelled “mattifying” as that will just make your skin look dry and tight. A light, yet hydrating, texture will serve all but the most chronically dry skin well.

Avène Hydrance Optimale Aqua Cream gel is a great option. It will feel like a lightweight gel on the skin, but has the healing power of a cream. It has a hydrating propanediol, glycol, squalene and glycerin base, so it will help to alleviate any dehydration in the skin. You’ll also find pumpkin seed oil and avocado oil to help soften and protect the skin. A 5c piece amount is enough for day and night.

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Step 4: SPF

Worried about fine lines and wrinkles? Sun protection is the best way to fight off the signs of premature ageing. Find an SPF that you like and that you’ll be loyal to. You don’t want this to feel like a chore. I’m a big fan of the La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra Facial Sunscreen. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, and you can build it to get the correct protection without it being difficult to work with.

To get the labelled SPF rating you need to use a half teaspoon of product per body area. So that means half a teaspoon to cover your face, ears and neck. An easy way of doing this is to pump the sunscreen along the length of a finger. Two to three fingers will give you the correct amount (depending on the size of your finger). Apply one finger at a time and rub it in thoroughly. Remember to take it with you so that you can reapply throughout the day.

What’s Next?

Once you’ve mastered the basics and are feeling comfortable with this simple routine, you can start looking at treating any skin concerns that are bothering you. Acid exfoliants, a richer night cream, serums and vitamin A products are all wonderful avenues to explore. Take it one step at a time and listen to your skin. Consistency is key.

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