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Effectively cleans tongue, particularly the back third which can be a common source of bad breath.

Piksters Tongue cleaner is a new cleaning implement for the tongue, with a smaller head to reduce the gagging reflex, it provides a more thorough cleaning of the problem back third of the tongue.


  1. Use the Tongue Cleaner with the scraping side down.
  2. Place on tongue and lightly pull forward and remove plaque and debris from the crevices of the top of the tongue.
  3. Rinse and repeat until the entire surface is cleaned.
  4. Give special attention to the back one-third of the tongue. This is a common source of bad breath

Warning and Disclaimers:

If bad breath persists or hygienist to check your gum pockets and advise you accordingly. Note: There are many other non-oral causes of bad breath

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