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Banish blemishes and pimples with our pick of the best acne products and skincare treatments for acne-prone skin

Suffer with blemishes or acne-prone skin? You’ve probably tried every acne treatment under the sun. But if you’re still experiencing breakouts, it might be time to switch up your skincare routine for something new.

From blemish-fighting cleansers to skin-clearing serums and detoxing face masks, we asked our skincare guru Maizie, to give her pick of the best acne products and acne treatments, guaranteed to banish breakouts for good.

Best Acne Products and Acne Treatments for Blemish-Prone Skin

Best Acne Cleanser - Jojoba Citrus Gel Cleanser, $29.99

This light gel foaming texture has been specifically designed to help with acne- prone skin, as it helps to decongest and clear excess oil and debris that causes nasty breakouts. Use morning and night for a refreshing, even toned finish that leaves your complexion gorgeously hydrated, without drying your skin out.

The Jojoba Company Citrus Gel Cleanser 125mL - $29.99

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Best Acne Toner - La Roche-Posay Serozinc Toning Mist, $19.99

Formulated with just 3 ingredients — balancing zinc sulphate, astringent sodium chloride and purified water — this acne battling, mattifying mist toner will reduce any excess shine and help to reduce the appearance of large pores and blackheads.

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Best Acne Serum - The Jojoba Company Skin Balancing Oil, $39.99

Don’t be afraid of an oil based serum. It may seem strange to put oil on oil, but the ‘good’ oil in serum counteracts the ‘bad’ excess oil in the skin. This Skin Balancing Oil from The Jojoba Co, helps to control oil production, reduce enlarged pores and improve the skin’s texture and elasticity. Apply AM and PM onto clean, damp skin, and your complexion will be left super soft, much firmer and blemish-free.
The Jojoba Company Skin Balancing Oil 30mL - $39.99

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Best Acne Moisturiser - Cetaphil Pro Acne Prone Oil-Free Moisturising, $17.99

Perfect for everyday protection, this hardworking yet gentle moisturiser is formulated with Ceramide technology, to quench the skin with essential moisture to build up a stronger skin barrier. This means your skin will be less prone to irritation, whilst its oil-free, lightweight formula works to reduce the excess oil that causes breakouts. It’s also fragrance-free, making it suitable for sensitive skin, and gives UV protection to block out harmful rays.
Cetaphil Pro Acne Prone Oil-Free Moisturising Lotion SPF25 118mL - $17.99Shop Now

Best Acne Sunscreen - La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Tinted Dry Touch SPF50+ Facial Sunscreen, $20.00

Don’t forgot to protect your skin this summer! It’s difficult to find a face sunscreen that’s not greasy and actually helps to get rid of oil rather than contributing to it. But good news, I’ve found one that does both! La Roche-Posay’s Anti-Shine Anthelios XL dry touch gel cream is designed for acne-prone, sensitive and oily skin, so it will give SPF protection whilst treating your blemishes at the same time. It also has a light tint that provides a small amount of coverage, to hide away any imperfections.

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Best Acne Mask - MillaFace Botanist Face Mask, $44.10

Pamper your skin with a once/twice a week deep treatment, just like this one from Milla Face. Clay masks are the best for acne-prone skin, as the essential oils are deeply detoxifying and draw out unwanted oils. The Milla Face Botanist Face Mask is particularly good at removing blackheads and creating a smooth complexion.

MillaFace Botanist Face Mask 50mL - $44.10

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