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Feeling the frizz of your lacklustre locks? These rejuvenating hair treatments will transform dry, damaged hair into bouncy, glossy tresses, as recommended by hair and skincare guru Matt Huxley.

So, you’ve gone too hard with the styling products and now your hair doesn’t feel the same. It doesn’t sit as nicely as it used to; it frizzes more easily, or perhaps the texture is rougher than usual, and your curls are less defined. Chances are, you’ve damaged your hair in some way.

First thing — don’t panic. Most hair is damaged as a result of day-to-day maintenance.

It’s an unfortunate side effect of cleaning the hair, brushing, styling, or even just being out on a windy day. Often when people say they have dry hair, what they actually mean is that it’s damaged.

So what exactly is damaged hair?

Let’s explore that a little more closely. Firstly, your hair is functionally dead. Let’s just remember that. No amount of deep conditioning treatments will permanently repair the damage. However, we can improve it and relieve the symptoms of it, with the exception of split ends. The only treatment for split ends is to cut them off.

The hair shaft comprises three layers: the medulla (core), cortex (middle), and cuticle (outer). Hair is very porous, but is protected naturally by a lipid layer. When this lipid layer is removed, hair can become fragile and cause that outer cuticle to lift. Contrary to popular opinion, you can’t actually open and close the cuticle with hot or cold water.

And what about the scalp?

In terms of scalp care, the issues are much the same. Your scalp is very similar to your facial skin — it can get dry, it can get oily, so it’s about striking a balance between what your scalp needs and what your hair needs.

Let’s also point out that the advice in this post is not intended for treating medical issues like dandruff, or hair issues due to autoimmune disorders or hyperthyroidism. In this case, a doctor is the best port of call.

Here are some of Matt’s expert haircare tips and must-buy hair products, guaranteed to breathe life back into tired tresses.

Use Nourishing Shampoos

Washing and shampooing alone can cause a significant amount of damage to the hair. Using a harsh cleanser when your hair or scalp is already damaged can increase dryness and exacerbate other issues. So to keep it balanced, a product like the QV nourishing shampoo is a great option for maintaining a healthy scalp. A nourishing shampoo will help to replace the moisture and lipids lost during the washing process. This one in particular has a hydrating glycerin base that will benefit both the scalp and the hair. It feels nourishing, but doesn’t leave the hair coated in a residue.

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A gentle foam is better for dry or damaged hair, whereas something that suds up a lot will help to remove any extra oil.

If you feel like the shampoo you’re using is a bit too harsh for your hair, you can balance it out with a rich conditioner and vice versa. The QV nourishing conditioner is a nice all-rounder. Fatty alcohols, glycerin and panthenol help to nourish and hydrate, a silicone derivative helps to smooth and fill in cracks in the cuticle.
Ego QV Hair Nourishing Conditioner 500g

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For a slightly more indulgent option, try out the OGX Argan Oil of Morocco conditioner. It’s lovely and thick and packed with lipids like fatty alcohols, argan and avocado oil.

OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner 385mL

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If your hair is really damaged, try coating the hair in an oil like the Jojoba Co jojoba oil. This will start nourishing the hair, whilst reducing the amount of lipids stripped from the hair cuticle itself.

Embrace Hair Treatments

Treatments can deeply protect the hair, preventing excess damage and improving the appearance of hair. A specific treatment such as the Moroccanoil Oil Treatment will nourish the hair, replacing that which has been lost, and provide extra lipid support. A high amount of argan oil is present here, providing deep nourishment to the cuticle.
Moroccanoil Original Oil Treatment 100mL

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If a conditioner is just not cutting it, try a rich hair mask for some extra TLC. The Klorane Mango Mask provides deep hydration, with its combination of mango seed butter and fatty alcohols. Try leaving it on for half an hour or so, wrapped in a hot towel. You’ll notice the difference.

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Don’t Forget the Scalp

We often get so caught up in deep, hydrating hair treatments that we forget about the scalp itself. It deserves some attention! An itchy scalp can be both aggravating and lead to more harmful medical issues.

A dedicated scalp product such as Dermal Therapy Scalp Relief Serum will help to soothe itchy or dry scalps. Packed with colloidal oatmeal to help soothe and nourish and glycerin for hydration, it feels light and cooling on the scalp. I’d recommend applying this at night, and allowing it to soak in overnight. Part the hair in several places, and apply small quantities along the parting, massaging out along the scalp. It will get in your hair – that’s unavoidable – however it does soak in reasonably quickly.

Dermal Therapy Scalp Relief Serum 60mL

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