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Suffer with sensitive skin? Here’s why MooGoo should make the cut on your winter skincare edit. These are the MooGoo products we'll be adding to our beauty bag.

There’s a lot to love about this time of year. Sadly, your skin isn’t one of them. Harsh winter conditions can wreak havoc with your complexion, whether it’s sensitive or not.

Our skin is a living, breathing organ that’s affected by the environment. It adapts to the changes in weather and in our routine — potentially more so when it’s sensitive, or if you already have an underlying skin condition.

Colder temperatures cause your skin to be much drier than normal and prone to a number of nasties like breakouts, cracked lips, flakes, wrinkles, redness and inflammation (like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis). You name it, the cold winter climes have pretty much got all your winter skincare woes covered.

Artificial heat doesn't do your skin any favours either. Constantly going from hot to cold — cranking up the air con and taking long, hot showers — can leave your skin tired and thirsty, drying out the skin even more and causing further irritation and itchiness, especially for those who suffer with sensitive skin.

Come winter, our skin needs all the help it can get.

So what’s the solution?

Invest in a skincare range that deeply hydrates without irritating the skin.

We’re currently obsessed with the MooGoo product range. And why wouldn't we be? They utilise skin-loving and natural ingredients to complement and repair the skin from the outside in. Wave goodbye to paraffin oils, silicones and harsh chemicals, and say hello to hard-working yet gentle, natural moisturising oils and extracts that really get to work on healing your skin.

So if your skin is crying out for a hit of hydration this winter, here’s our essential edit of must-buy MooGoo moisturisers, cleansers and hydrators, all designed with thirsty skin, hair and scalp in mind.

These are the MooGoo products we’ll be splurging on this winter, and some helpful tips on how you can fit them into your winter hair and skincare regime.

Your MooGoo Winter Skincare Ritual

1. Cleanse and moisturise your skin

Having the right cleanser for your skin is an absolute must, no matter what skin type you have. Ensuring your complexion is clear of make-up and grime built up from the day is essential for overall skin health, but also the efficacy of ingredients to follow.

Cleansing the skin is the most important part of all skincare routines, as it kick starts your entire skincare program. If you don’t cleanse properly, then serums and moisturisers won’t be able to perform effectively. What’s more, if you don’t use the right cleanser, grime and dirt can settle deep into the pores, leading to build-up, breakouts and skin irritation, as well as causing long term damage such as premature ageing, icepick pores and eczema.

You might be tempted to reach for hardcore cleanser that gets rid of all that gunk, but in actual fact, during the winter — particularly if you suffer with sensitive skin — a gentle, low-irritant cleanser will work much better.

Harsh cleansers with harsh chemicals tend to strip your skin of all the good stuff, which means your skin doesn’t get the love and help it deserves. And in winter it’s more important than ever not to strip your skin of its natural oils — it’s your skin’s natural defence against dryness, so using harsh cleansers will only make your skin drier, especially in winter months.

Opt for a gentle cleanser instead that deeply hydrates and feeds your skin with essential moisture.

MooGoo’s Ultra Gentle Cleanser uses ceramides to retain moisture and support skin barrier reinforcement. Without ceramides, the skin barrier function weakens, which means vital moisture can escape and external irritants, pollutants, and allergens can get in, leaving skin dehydrated and more prone to skin flare-ups.
MooGoo Ultra Gentle Cleanser With Ceramides 500mL

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Designed to be used on all skin types, even eczema-prone, hypersensitive or fragile skin, this is one of the most gentle cleansers out there and doesn’t contain any cheap, harsh detergents like SLS that can be very drying, especially when combined with a hot shower — in fact, it’s proven that irritation is 75% lower than SLS and 38% lower than the next mildest cleanser, so it’s suitable for even the most sensitive, irritated and inflamed skin.

How many times a day should I wash my face?

You should be washing your face once in the morning and twice at night, and you should cleanse for at least one minute (for each cleanse). If you wear a lot of make-up or live in a high pollution environment, then you should cleanse for a little longer than this to ensure you’re removing all the grime and dirt that’s built up from the day.

What happens when I don’t moisturise?

Dry skin can exacerbate issues such as deep lines and wrinkles, particularly when it’s colder and your skin is much drier. Moisturising is ESSENTIAL to keep your skin hydrated and to lock in the moisture it needs to maintain its elasticity (so it keeps your skin looking younger), as well as protecting your skin from harsh pollutants that clog up your precious pores.

Moisturisers that contain plenty of glycerin are great for locking in moisture. Glycerin is a humectant, which means it has the property of attracting water to itself. Yes, you heard right. It's a moisturiser that actually attracts more moisture. Glycerin is essentially like a sponge that pulls in water to the outer skin layer. It can attract water from the deeper skin layers or even the air in humid environments. It also helps slow the evaporation of water from your skin to help foil that chronic winter dryness, leaving an overall moisturising and smoothing effect.

Alongside glycerin, MooGoo Blemish Cleansing Moisturiser is also packed full of aloe vera which further helps to lock in moisture and cleanse the skin of pesky bacteria that can cause excess oil build-ups, clogged pores and breakouts. It’s a cleansing cream that also works as a moisturiser, so you get two-for-one with this wonder product. We love it.

MooGoo Blemish Cleansing Moisturiser 75g

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If you want to enhance your skincare routine, using an oil is the best way to regulate oil production (yes, you heard that right! Using an oil actually makes your skin less oily). Rosehip oil is one of our favourites, as it’s not too heavy, and it’s also rich in essential fatty acids that improve the overall condition of the skin. Not only does it deeply hydrate, it also improves pigmentation.

Unlike some rosehip oils, MooGoo Rosa Canina Rosehip Oil 100% is cold-pressed and certified organic, which means you can rest assured that it’s high quality and packed with high concentrations of antioxidants to combat free radical damage and premature ageing.

MooGoo Tip: Mix with a few drops of your favourite moisturiser to make your cream more hydrating for those colder, drier months.

MooGoo Rosa Canina Rosehip Oil 100% 25mL

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2. Nourish your hair naturally

Synthetics and parabens are renowned for causing damage to our luscious locks, so nourish with natural ingredients instead.

MooGoo’s gentle hair shampoo and conditioner are free from harsh synthetic detergents (SLS) that can dry out the hair, and silicone-based ingredients that can build up and weigh hair down. Instead, they’re packed with naturally nourishing ingredients including milk protein, which helps protect hair fibres and revitalises its natural protective layer, and natural oils like jojoba and olive oil to hydrate hair and make your locks super shiny.

They’re also great for the scalp too — their scalp-friendly shampoo is balanced to a pH of 5 to 5.5, and doesn’t contain SLS, so it won’t irritate your skin.

When your hair is treated with the RIGHT ingredients, (meaning no nasties) it means less chance of breakage — only nourished, shiny, strong hair over here!

MooGoo Milk Shampoo

Anyone who suffers with sensitivities and dryness will get along extra well with this gentle formula — it was originally made for a family member who had a scalp so itchy they went to bed with olive oil and cling wrap around their head!

Infused with a combination of coconut and glucose-based cleansers, and free from harsh synthetic detergents (SLS) that can dry out the hair, this shampoo is all-natural, with additional milk protein to help protect hair fibres and revitalise its natural protective layer.
MooGoo Milk Shampoo 1L

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MooGoo Cream Conditioner

While shampoo cleans the hair and scalp, your hair care regime should follow with a nourishing conditioner that doesn’t coat or irritate the scalp.

Most conditioners are made using silicone-based ingredients that coat the hair in something slippery, making it feel silky and smooth. They do a great job of making the hair feel hydrated and easy to detangle. The problem with silicone is that it can build up on the hair over time, making it feel heavy and limp.

A natural, silicone-free conditioner, on the other hand, like MooGoo’s Cream Conditioner, uses natural oils including jojoba and olive oil. Unlike silicone, these natural oils won’t build up on the hair, they actually penetrate and hydrate your locks, instead of just making it feel nice for a while.

MooGoo Cream Conditioner 1L

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MooGoo Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo powders clean your hair by absorbing the oils your scalp produces to prolong the time needed between wet washes. This means you get to save time, money, water, and the environment by spending less time in the shower. We all need those precious extra minutes getting ready in the morning.

Most dry shampoos are made with aerosol sprays, which release harmful chemicals that can also get into our lungs. They can also cause further irritation to the scalp. So if you suffer with any sensitivity or irritation, you should 100% steer clear of dry shampoo sprays.

MooGoo’s scalp-friendly, loose natural powder formula is easy to apply and made using natural powders such as corn and tapioca starch to absorb oils and keep your hair fresh and clean, without irritating the scalp.

MooGoo Dry Shampoo 100g


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3. Soothe sensitive scalps

Looking after your scalp is equally as important as looking after your locks. Having a clean, nourished scalp means that your hair will be healthier too — when hair follicles are kept clean and clear it means less dandruff and more hair growth. And who likes flaky bits? Nobody!

MooGoo Scalp Cream is packed full of soothing ingredients such as aloe vera and allantoin, and natural oils including coconut and olive oil to replenish lost moisture, combat dryness and soothe any irritation on the scalp, and help replenish the skin back to health. A must-buy during winter. Just like your skin, your scalp is more prone to dryness and irritation from the cold weather, so it might need a little extra love during the colder months.

MooGoo Scalp Cream 120g

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4. Lock in moisture

Moisturising is key to keeping your skin hydrated (in winter especially) and to maintain its elasticity (so it keeps your skin looking younger). It’s also the best way to heal sensitive or inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

MooGoo’s natural Milk Wash combines small amounts of five different natural cleaners, which are much gentler than one concentrated cleanser, and that washes without drying out or irritating the skin. They don’t use any essential oils that can trigger reactions (particularly good for anyone with eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis), they instead use a mix of natural skin conditioning ingredients, including a blend of vanilla with the allergy-triggering compounds removed.

MooGoo’s Full Cream Moisturiser is a rich cream that works hard to quench thirsty and dry skin. It’s full of natural oils like sweet almond, coconut and olive oil, that are high in all the essential fatty acids that healthy skin needs. These help to hydrate, moisturise and pamper dry skin. You’ll also find milk protein in there too. This helps to improve the skin’s elasticity, which is what keeps your skin looking youthful, supple and smooth. And it’s gentle enough to be used on all skin types, even sensitive skin.
MooGoo Milk Wash 500mL

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Anyone who suffers with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis will know all too well that the cold weather doesn't do any favours for their flare ups. In fact, the change in seasons can make their conditions much worse.

Use a soothing moisturiser like MooGoo’s Eczema & Psoriasis Cream. Made with natural oils including sweet almond and olive oil and natural skin soothing ingredients like aloe vera and centella asiatic, this lightweight balm sinks into the skin to lock in moisture and reduce inflammation.
MooGoo Eczema & Psoriasis Cream Original 200g

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It’s actually suitable for all skin types, so if your skin errs on the side of dry during winter (like most of us), then slather this balm generously to combat any winter dryness.

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MooGoo Makeup Earth Cream Tinted Moisturiser 
MooGoo Makeup Earth Cream Tinted Moisturiser SPF5 50mL

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MooGoo Argireline Amplified Peptide Serum 
MooGoo Argireline Amplified Peptide Serum 25mL

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Dr Zoo Tame the Mane Grooming Cream 50g
Dr Zoo Tame the Mane Grooming Cream 50g

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